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Dr. Krull is an experienced emergency dentist that has seen it all and understands that stopping or comforting pain in your teeth is an urgent dental matter. You don’t have to be a current patient of our dental office to be treated for an emergency, new patient dental emergencies are welcome. Don’t hesitate if you are experiencing tooth pain and need immediate dental care.

Knocked-Out Tooth/Teeth

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If you have a tooth that is knocked out, it is important to contact us immediately for best chance of preserving your tooth and for faster treatment. If you have your tooth or teeth that were knocked out, keeping the teeth moist using milk, water or saliva can help Dr. Krull preserve your knocked out tooth.

Tooth Pain or Sensitivity

Pain in your mouth is often caused by an infection, especially if the tooth pain is severe or consistent. This tooth pain will not go away until treated and calls for immediate dental treatment. If you act fast you may be able to preserve the infected tooth and keep your tooth without having it pulled by having a root canal treatment or whatever treatment is necessary for your pain.

Root Canal Treatments

One of the most common emergency dental visit is caused from an infected root. If the root of the tooth is not dead the pain can be severe and root canal treatment will effectively treat the pain you are experiencing. Symptoms of a root infection include: toothaches, jaw swelling and pain, tooth sensitivity or a blister on the gum area. Treating a root infection is done same day with a patient follow up visit a few weeks later where you receive a filling or crown to protect the tooth.

Tooth Extractions

After exhausting all other possibilities if Dr. Krull has to recommend a tooth extraction then be confident that is the only way to help your long-term dental health. Tooth extractions are only recommended when there is significant decay, infection that can’t be treated with a root canal, advanced gum disease or going through a dentures process. Dr. Krull will be able to offer tooth replacement solutions following an extraction that include: dental implant, bridges or dentures.

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